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Retrieving metadata

Metadata is the data which can be used to retrieve folders, files in folders, information about files, etc. You can read more about structure of metadata here:

To retrieve information about root folder of your DropBox account please use next code:
        private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            Action<MetaData> callback = MetaDataRequest;

            DropBoxy.DropBoxyEngine engine = new DropBoxy.DropBoxyEngine();
            engine.ApiKey = "api key";
            engine.ApiSecret = "api secret";

            engine.SetToken("usertoken", "usersecret");

            engine.GetMetadata(string.Empty, callback);

        void MetaDataRequest(MetaData metadata)

engine.GetMetadata(string.Empty, callback); - to ask DropBox about metadata of root folder in your account. In case you want to retrieve information for Public folder, just use next engine.GetMetadata("/public", callback);

Using this method you can get information not only about a folder, but even about files which is stored in your DropBox account.

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