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Project Description
DropBoxy is a opensource library which will provide possibility for Windows Phone 7 developers to integrate with DropBox.

Project also uses modificated version of RestSharp library. Please visit this very nice project at its home site:

Currently supported operations:
1. Login to DropBox
2. Retrieving Account Info for DropBox account
3. Uploading file
4. Removing file
5. Downloading file
6. Create Folder.
7. Copy
8. Move
9. Listing
10. Publish
11. Get Public link

01.15.11 Issue with upload file to root folder fixed.

Please refer to changeset 4794 for the fix. New release will have this fix too.

01.13.11 Login method signature changed

Great thanks for this idea to @davidrodriguez!Man, you rock!

There were one minor change to signature of Login method. Now callback function returns model called UserInfo which has two propertis called Token and Secret. They are regenerated each time you will call Login function.
However, let's assume that situation for your application: you creating applicaiton which provides you with possibility to make photos and edit them. Additionally you providing to user possibility to backup these photos on DropBox account. DropBox guidlines says:DO NOT SAVE THE USER'S PASSWORD. That's a very good advice:)
So, due to this will you ask your user enter password to DB account again and again?Of course no! Now you can ask user to login once, then save token and secret in isolated storage of your application, and when user run your application once again, insted of Login method you can use method called SetToken. After calling this you can use all other method like Download, Upload, etc.

Things to be added in next releases:
  1. Unit tests
  2. Reference application
  3. Correct Exception Handling. Now its really lame:)

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